With some of St Bernadette's Youth Group on Retreat in Bathurst 

Going for a walk among the lanes around Ganmain with Fr Christopher F.S.F.

At the Junee Train Museum with Fr Ruben FSF

A walk by Lake Talbot

A daily prayer for Dominicans to our Holy Father, St Dominic.

Sister Mary Thomas O.P. - Rest in Peace

On the 21st July 2019, the Vigil of St Mary Magdalen,  Patroness of the Dominican Order, Sister Mary Thomas died peacefully surrounded by her Sisters at the convent in Ganmain. She is buried in the Sisters' section in the Ganmain Cemetery. 

Sister lived the Dominican life with great devotion and distinction for 66 years, dedicating herself to God and to his Church in an unobtrusive but very influential way.