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A walk up the Rock of 'The Rock' turned into a serious hike up a mountain, but the weather was perfect, and views were breathtaking and worth the daunting climb in long habits!

The Saints of the Order of Preachers - copyright St Joseph's Province, USA. 

Greetings to Ireland - from the Belfast Sister, the girl from Clare and the Brendan Bell from Dublin!

A Sunset in Ganmain
Another apostolic outreach - Admiring the local poultry show! 

Fear not! Sr Mary Thomas is only stroking the cat, Pumpkin.
What's the collective noun for this? A bevy, a troupe, a gaggle, a treasure...?

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The Sisters part-time apostolate of teaching 

was recently covered by an article in the Catholic Weekly.

 Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga

The beautiful school, in which the sisters are blessed to performed their part-time teaching apostolate each morning, was recently ranking 67th in the Better Education Australia's list of Top NSW Secondary Schools. The 120 students from K - 12 are a constant source of joy as they grow in their faith.

To see more, visit: Saint Mary MacKillop College, Wagga Wagga