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The parents of the children we catechise have been asking for an audio version of  'Teaching Your Children the Truth About Human Sexuality', a digest of the Church's teaching written by the Sisters. This video covers the full text, accompanied by visual slides. 


Comparing the 'Motu Proprios' of Benedict and Francis: The Use of the 1962 Missal


A bright winter's day!
Among friends

Learning about local men who fought in the Airforce during WWII at Temora.

A visit to the magnificently restored Catholic church in Temora, NSW. 

Sister Mary Thomas O.P. - Rest in Peace
On the 21st July 2019, the Vigil of St Mary Magdalen,  Patroness of the Dominican Order, Sister Mary Thomas died peacefully surrounded by her Sisters at the convent in Ganmain. She is buried in the Sisters' section in the Ganmain Cemetery. 

Sister lived the Dominican life with great devotion and distinction for 66 years, dedicating herself to God and to his Church in an unobtrusive but very influential way.