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The Conventual Sisters of St Dominic have felt the need to explain some issues regarding the Church's Liturgy (and the 2002 Missal).
It is their hope that the resources and reviews below will be useful in dissolving some of the painful conflict troubling the Church around the issue of the Sacred Liturgy. As early members of Ecclesia Dei Society in Australia, and as Dominicans devoted to the Liturgy, the use of Latin and monastic traditions (see Prayer and Observances tabs) they wanted to share some of the fruit of their study and discussion.

1. The Use of the 1962 Missal: An analysis of Papal Actions 1971 - 2021

As the matter of SP vs TC is one of Church discipline (and thus, in this case, a matter for the
Pope’s prudential judgment) there is no need to see a ‘hermeneutic of reform in continuity’ in papal strategy, since 1962 on liturgical disicpline. Doctrine is not at stake. However, continuity in papal aim is clearly evident. Let's look at what the recent Popes actually wrote.


2. Girls Serving at the Altar

The issue of girls serving at the altar is a thorny question in the Church. This podcast goes through the reasons why they are a bad idea: culturally, theologically, and pastorally. 
Few know what the Church really thinks and teaches about this; although She issued a document in the Acta Consiliorum of the Congregation for Divine Worship, 1992, permitting, but not promoting  or encouraging female servers  at the altar (found at 18.35min). 

3. Clarifying the confusion and errors in 'Mass of the Ages' Episode 2. 

In response to many requests, the Conventual Sisters of St Dominic reviewed the 'Mass of the Ages', Ep. 2.

 An analysis of the propaganda and misinformation found in ‘The Mass of the Ages’ Episode 2. A MUST WATCH for Catholics wanting to find a straight path through the liturgical confusions besetting the Church right now.
Some  of our responses to Reviews of our 'Challenging 'the Mass of the Ages':
  1. Response to Part 1 of Gregory DiPippo’s points of confusion of our review of Episode 2 of ‘Mass of the Ages’:
  2. Response to Part 2 of his article:

4. How to Give and Receive Holy Communion 
A resource for priests in instructing the faithful on Church teaching on the correct administering and receiving of Holy Communion - both on the tongue and in the hand.  
RECOMMENDED for priests, seminarians, youth groups, study groups  and RCIA. 



"What is the Church? What is Her Authority? How does She pray?"

LISTEN to these articles:
1Sentire Cum Ecclesia -Thinking With the Church [PODCAST 1 of 3] 
2. Lex Orandi Lex Credendi - The Law of Prayer is the Law of Belief [PODCAST 2 of 3]
3. Auctoritas - Authority in the Catholic Church [PODCAST 3 of 3]
READ these in the APREL Online Edition:APREL Bulletin Online Issue 81

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (Part 2 The Liturgy, especially the Holy Eucharist 1322 - 1419) 
  • Mediator Dei (Pope Pius XII, 1947) 
  • Summorum Pontificum and Accompanying Letter (Pope Benedict, 2007) 
  • Traditiones Custodes and Accompanying Letter (Pope Francis, 2021) 
  • Desiderio Desideravi (Pope Francis, 2022)
  • COMPENDIUM of the Eucharist - Congregation for Divine Worship (2016 English Ed.) - Containing liturgical, doctrinal, catechetical and devotional elements to sustain and promote Eucharist faith and piety, requested by the bishops and commissioned by Pope Benedict XVI. 
  • GENERAL INSTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL -  Found in full inside every Roman Missal (2011).  
The Spirit of the Liturgy (Cardinal Ratzinger, 2000) 
The History and Future of the Roman Liturgy (Denis Crouan, 2005) 
The Reform of the Liturgy (Annibale Bugnini, 1990) 
Why Catholics Can't Sing (Thomas Day, 1991) 
Father Michael Lang’s Short History of the Roman Rite of Mass series on  
and 'The Second Vatican Council and the Reform of the Rite of Mass'

Church Documents on the Liturgy: