'Dominicast' is produced by the Conventual Sisters of St Dominic.

This is part of our apostolic outreach to "Preach the season and out of season" and to keep alive the search for Truth in a world that keeps looking for lies.

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The parents of the children we catechise have been asking for an audio version of  'Teaching Your Children the Truth About Human Sexuality', a digest of the Church's teaching written by the Sisters. This video covers the full text, accompanied by visual slides. 

    • Teaching Your Children the Truth About Human Sexuality
    • Girls Serving at the Altar Clarified
    • Custodians of Tradition, or Creators?
    • Deliverance Prayers of Fr. Ripperger Exposed & his 'Healing Your Family Tree'
    • From Rabbit Holes to Holiness - How To Change Your Mind
    • and more...

    • Lex Orandi Lex Credendi - The Law of Prayer is the Law of Belief
    • Challenging the 'Mass of the Ages Episode 2' VIDEO
    • How to Give and Receive Holy Communion - Video
    • Review of ‘Mass of the Ages Ep. 2' (Extended)
    • and more...

    • Sentire Cum Ecclesia -Thinking With the Church
    • Auctoritas - Authority in the Catholic Church
    • and more...

Examples of Beautiful Liturgy of the most recent Roman Missal:

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We hope that these resources will be useful in dissolving some of the conflict troubling the Church around the issue of the Sacred Liturgy and the Church. As early members of Ecclesia Dei Society in Australia, and as Dominicans devoted to the Liturgy, the use of Latin and monastic traditions (see Prayer and Observances tabs) we want to share some of the fruit of our study and discussion.

1. The Use of the 1962 Missal: An analysis of Papal Actions 1971 - 2021

Let's look at what the recent Popes actually wrote.


2. Girls Serving at the Altar

Few know what the Church really thinks and teaches about this; although She issued a document in the Acta Consiliorum of the Congregation for Divine Worship, 1992, permitting, but not promoting or encouraging female servers  at the altar (found at 18.35min). 

3. Clarifying the confusion and errors in 'Mass of the Ages' Episode 2.